CaliVita as a Company

CaliVita International is a dynamically growing, multinational company, dedicated to popularizing a healthy, quality lifestyle. The consumption of dietary supplements – together with eating wholesome foods and exercising regularly – is an integral part of such a lifestyle. CaliVita International offers a whole range of high-quality vitamins, minerals and dietary supplements which help you keep your body in excellent physical condition.

The headquarters of CaliVita International in the United States of America (Farmington)

The headquarters of CaliVita International in Western Europe (Rotterdam)

The headquarters of CaliVita International in Central and Eastern Europe (Budapest)


The company’s scientists and doctors continuously search for new formulas that combine the best nature and science have to offer. CaliVita International’s unique, innovative products are developed with the nutritional needs of different generations and of people with different lifestyles in mind. Well-trained doctors and managers are ready to assist you in embracing a new approach to staying healthy and energetic. At the same time, CaliVita International also offers a unique business opportunity for individuals driven to create a secure, financially independent life for themselves. The CaliVita International Network has empowered people like you to make their dreams come true. It is there for you to find your path to a healthy and fulfilling life.

CaliVita International Theme Song
We Can Change It All
Performed by Svetlana Ceca Slavkovic
(mp3, 192kbs, 6,4M)

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