M.D. Valeria Szedlak-Vadocz

M.D. Valeria Szedlak-Vadocz

Valeria Szedlak-Vadocz MD, PhD was born into an ethnic Hungarian family in Vojvodina, Yugoslavia on 18 December 1946.

She graduated summa cum laude from the Medical Faculty of Novi Sad University (Vojvodina, Yugoslavia) in April 1971, where she also started her professional carrier and is still working as a full professor. She is involved in the education of medical students, students of stomatology, and acts as a supervisor of postgraduate students and doctoral candidates. She also teaches as a full professor at the English Medical School of the University of Novi Sad.

During her thirty-year-long professional carrier she achieved specialist degrees in Medical Biochemistry (1978), Nuclear Medicine (1980) and Clinical Pathophysiology (1986). After completing her experimental and clinical researches in the field of pathophysiology of obstructive uro-nephropathy she attained a PhD in Medical Science in 1986.

Starting as an assistant lecturer in 1978, her academic carrier proceeded through different academic titles, until finally she was elected a full professor (the highest academic rank in Yugoslavia) in 1998.

She contributed 160 professional articles and scientific studies to both Yugoslav and international medical journals, Bulletins and Congress Publications. Her scientific article: “The effect of radiopharmaceutical choice on the assessment of the relative renal function in upper urinary tract obstruction. Eur J Nucl Med 1988; 14: 32-36.” was cited in the Current Science: Current Opinion in Radiology, 1989; Vol 1: 460-467. She is also the author of several chapters in four different Medical Textbooks and Monographs, published in Yugoslavia.

Professor Szedlak was included in the 1998 edition of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences – Hungarian Researchers Abroad.

Professor Szedlak was included also in the 1999 and 2000 edition of Who Is Who? – Outstanding achievements of business and professional women (USA),

Professor Szedlak has been interested in Pharmacognosy, Orthomolecular medicine, optimal nutrition and supplementation, and Traditional Chinese medicine for more than fifteen years. She has been working for CaliVita International for almost ten years. In her spare time she is chief editor of the journal Nutrition & Health, a scientific bulletin of the Yugoslav Fitness League, published in Serbian language, in Novi Sad. She is also the president of the same League, which is an association founded in order to promote overall fitness and a healthy lifestyle. She is also president of the Scientific Medical Committee of the Yugoslav Fitness League.

Professor Valeria Szedlak-Vadocz speaks five languages.

She is married and has two sons with academic degrees (in veterinary science and economics respectively).

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