Recipe for Health

It is good to be healthy. But what does health mean? Does it only mean that we have no aches and pains that we do not have to go from one doctor’s office to an other or a whole lot more?
Health is quality of life. It means more than not having to concentrate our energies on alleviating pain. It allows us to live on a very different level. On top of feeling good, we have more energy and deal better with stress stemming from our everyday lives. Our relationships are also better, be they with relatives, colleagues, or friends of ours. Perhaps even our perception of world event is influenced by our health. As the saying goes, “a sound mind in a sound body”.

Does health “happen” to us and some of us are luckier than others, or do we have an active role to play? I believe it is not a heresy to claim in our Calivita community that we as individuals are the ones who can do the most for our own health by eating healthy foods and living a healthy lifestyle that also includes taking dietary supplements. During the summer months we are inclined to believ that fresh fruits and vegetables, so abundant at this time of the year, make supplements unnecessary because we can supply our bodies with all the vitamins and nutrients they need.
From my own example, I know this not to be true. By way of an experiment, I have temporarily stopped taking my usual supplements. When I had a live blood cell analysis – the newly introduced test method at Calivita – done, I was surprised. The result was not what I would have liked to see. Therefore, I have begun taking supplements again, and based on the test results, I have created a “coctail”for myself with the intention of taking it as a “treatment” for two months. Here is my “coctail” recipe:

Vital bloodtype specific multivitamin, 2×2 daily
Oxy Max, 3x 20 drops daily
Noni, 2×3 tablespoons daily
ParaProteX, 2×2 daily
Rhodiolin, 2×1 daily
VitalMan (VitalWoman for Women) 1 tablette with Rhodiolin in the morning on an empty stomach
Pro-State Power (for men), 2×1 daily
C Plus, 3 tablets daily in the morning
Mega Vitamin E, 1 capsule daily
Nopalin 2×2
Super Mega 50, 2×1 weekly

Soon enough, I have noticed changes. I had more energy and felt better. In other words, I felt healthier in every way, although I have not been sick to begin with. I have been taking dietary supplements for 25 years now and this incident brought the point home again. In our modern world where we are exposed to more negative influences than our ancestors were, it is essential to take dietary supplements in order to maintain good health that is a vital aspect of a quality way of life.

Gerry G. Hargitai

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